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Pickman was generated during the IoT Hackathon in Stuttgart, Germany. The project was developed by a group of seven young frontend/backend developers and designers. During the Hackathon we had 42 hours to form the project. We worked together with companies like TRUMPH, Lenze and Deutsche Bahn which supported our team. Pickman won the award of the best idea out of all 33 groups. Here you can get more information about the Hackathon in general and the award winning teams.


Get customized food like a lunchbox just in time and choose your favorite ingredients in advance at your app or choose from special offers. The IOT-Robot will prepare your meal and you can pick it up. It will be fresh, regional and seasonal. A smart deposit system also reduces waste!

PICKMAN prototype


Pickman is a personal and smart vending machine for train stations which guarantees that the user can eat the meal he wants. It is connected to the Deutsche Bahn API so the food delivery is always on time. It offers a variety of fresh and healthy menus including breakfast, salad, soup and cereals. Pickman will be delivered by lokal bakerys and food services. The meals are in boxes so they stay really fresh.

Order your meal

Ordering system

If you want to use Pickman you have to download the Pickman App, so you can order your favourite meal one day or some hours earlier. You can choose between current proposals or your personal favourites. Because of the Deutsche Bahn API Pickman knows exactly when you will arrive at the train station so your meal will be prepared just in time.
To save the environment the food boxes got a deposit system. A QR code is printed on all of the boxes so you can give them back to Pickman at the next day.

Best Idea Award

About Hackathon

It was a great experience to participate in the Hackathon Stuttgart and to see what great projects can be set up in such a short time. I had a lot of fun at this event and am all the more pleased that my team and I could additionally win a prize. Pickman has been nominated for the "Best Idea" from all 33 teams, which makes us really proud.

Check out our Pitch here

Partners: Bianca Koch | Dominik Fink | Jannick Lenz | Iuliia Patrusheva | Jonathan Günz | Olusanmi Hundegan
Key Skills: Concept Ideation, Prototyping